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Online credit is through an online bank. Online banking, in general, differs from the traditional bank by the simple fact that it does not offer a physical establishment to its customers. For example, having the ability to track one’s accounts online has nothing to do with whether the bank in question is online or traditional.

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One of the many advantages of online banking is that it is particularly fast. This advantage is valid when it comes to opening an account, processing a file or a query, but also when it comes to applying for credit, get it, and follow him.

The online credit application is done via a web page, an online form, which you can fill in a few minutes. These pages are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. To obtain the most suitable instant payday advance online for your needs quickly, it is advisable to visit`s official website.

Although the credentials and documents to be provided as part of a credit application are the same for a traditional bank as for an online bank, it is faster to communicate them via an online application since they can simply be scanned. and sent by email. Following a request, the response of an online bank will be very fast (some communicate on the response time of only 24 to 48 hours) whether it is a refusal or an agreement. In case of acceptance of a file, the funds are obtained in less than 15 days.

In addition to the speed of file processing, online banking has many advantages such as reduced filing fees, or even often absent, the practicality of setting up and monitoring for the applicant, and security equal to that of a traditional establishment.

Online customer care: A more and more responsive service

When online banks arrived on the market, the first obstacle for users was the loss of human contact. Indeed, when you go through an online bank, you are not affiliated with a single advisor. However, all this time, online banks have managed to nest and demonstrate the effectiveness of their customer service.

Today, online banking customer services are very responsive, much more responsive than if you only have one advisor, available over a wider time range, and reachable by more bias. In addition to being reachable by email and phone, many online banks have set up an online chat service to contact an advisor at any time. This is a real plus when it comes to getting a quick response.

This reactivity does not in any way affect the quality of the service, since, unlike a traditional bank, online banks have several call centers, specialized by thematic for their customer care. Thus, the advisers are different depending on the subject, they are real specialists, not to be confused with a general counselor.

For even more speed, choose a credit without proof

If you need credit in the shortest possible time, you will be advised to inquire about credit without proof. This is a personal loan online. You will be able to borrow up to € 75,000 and will be exempt from any justification regarding the use of funds advanced by the credit institution. By the simple fact that it does not require as many documents as another credit (credit affected for example), the credit without justification gives you a speed of implementation and freedom that you will not find elsewhere. The procedures are simplified: The procedure, the administrative formalities, and the prerequisites are greatly reduced. This type of loan is for consumer credit only.

Be careful, a credit without proof does not mean that you will not have to justify your income. Your financial situation must be justified, unlike your plans for using credit. As a reminder, any financial institution, whether an online bank or not, must assess the solvency of their clients and the risk of over-indebtedness related to the advance of the funds. For this, you will always be required to provide a minimum of documents when you apply.

For a loan of less than € 1000, you can also apply for a mini-credit. This is an extremely fast loan for which some signs promise you a response within 10 minutes and a payment of funds within 48 hours. Attention, a mini-credit is to be refunded within 14 to 30 days following the payment. This type of loan can be used, for example, to pay for professional training, health expenses, or face an unforeseen event. top