Personal Loans Without Payroll: Procedure Guide

Do you have a paycheck and need a loan to fulfill a dream or solve a problem? Not sure where to start for the request?

In today’s guide we will help you understand what to do to get the sum you need by analyzing the offer of loans without paychecks.

Loan without pay check, how does it work?


One of the financial companies that gives the possibility even to those who do not have a pay slip to obtain personal loans. This also helps those who have financial difficulties and are generally cut off from the possibility of having loans to receive a loan.

Generally the pay slip is the most solid guarantee for banks, credit institutions, and financial institutions, allows you to borrow money even without this guarantee.

Meets everyone and allows you to apply for a loan without even being hired online. There are also customized solutions depending on the applicants.

The loan without payroll is free of charge both for the collection and for the management of the installments, there are no preliminary expenses and no stamp duty costs. There are also no additional costs for periodic communications.

TANs and APRs are low and do not excessively affect the amount to be returned.Also allows you to change the installment after the first six months.

Obviously asks for guarantees, because if the customer is clearly not able to return the loan, the money will not be paid.

Loans without pay checks are designed to:

  • atypical workers who have occasional collaboration contracts or for coordinated and continuous collaborators;
  • part-time workers;
  • the unemployed;
  • students aged 18 to 35 ;
  • workers in the black ;
  • housewives.

To have the loan, you must have guarantees such as the presence of a guarantor who can act as a guarantee and become liable in the event of insolvency.

The guarantor can be a friend, relative or parent, but in order to be a guarantee, he must prove he has the pay slip.

Another guarantee is the possibility of giving a mortgage on an asset that will be valued according to the loan. The mortgage can be worth on a property, or on mobile securities that produce a financial income.

To get a loan without a pay slip with Findomestic, you must be aged between 18 and 75, reside in Italy and also have a current account header.

Contacting a consultant is a great way to get all the information you need to understand how to get a loan without a paycheck.

Useful times

Since this is a risky loan, this sum is not obtained in a few hours: before the request is carefully examined and the condition of the applicant, as well as of the guarantor, is appropriate to the request.

These sums of money are not finalized, for this reason it is not obligatory to indicate the reasons for the expenditure and for which it was decided to start the practice.

If the applicant is already a Findomestic customer, he can even get interesting promotions.

Contact a branch to find out how to get the perfect promotions for you and for your loan request without pay checks.

What you need

To obtain the loan without a pay slip, you must provide the bank with:

  • a valid identity document;
  • accessory documents requested to provide the loan.

We recommend contacting a branch that can accurately indicate which documents to provide depending on your specific case.

Interest payable

Interest loan

If you need to know what the interest rate you will have to pay for your loan application without a payslip, you can request a quote online.

Just fill in the fields in the appropriate form with the amount you need, the installments in which you plan to repay it and your personal data.

If you prefer you can also request a quote conveniently in a branch. In this way you can also submit your doubts to a specially trained representative to answer your questions and to show you the right way to apply for the loan.

The quote is not binding and is totally free, and is a valid aid to know the monthly amount you will pay and to understand the cost of the various rates.

You will also be able to know the TAN and the APR, then the interest rate and the summary total cost of the loan with the commissions to pay for the loan request.

Before proceeding with the loan application without a pay slip it is advisable to check both the associated TAN and the APR. In this way it is possible to understand which are the most convenient and the least expensive.

Through a quick search on the web, before applying for a loan, you can also find opportunities to save money on interest. Starting with the right loan and with low interest helps repay the amount in time.