Personal payday loans for domestic workers and carers: Requirements for requesting them

In today’s world, work in continuous diffusion is the professional figure of caregivers and/or domestic helpers. These types of trades have also entered the personal payday loan market and have led to an increase in credit claims.

Credit institutions and banks have decided to create special personal payday loans for domestic workers and carers who fall into the category of personal payday loans , and therefore into forms of unfinished credit.

However, these workers who intend to request and therefore obtain a loan must have a demonstrable income. Below you will find all the information you need for your loan application.

How to apply for a loan with this contract?


As anticipated, domestic workers and carers must have a demonstrable income. The national collective bargaining agreement for carers , domestic helpers and in general domestic workers is one of the employee type contracts.

For this reason, if the income is provable, there should be no major difficulty in applying for a loan.

If they are foreign collaborators, they must have demonstrated residence in Italy for at least 6 months. For non-EU collaborators, the residence requirement in Italy can be up to 12 months.

In some cases, if these conditions are met, the loan can also be requested online. Just fill in a form with your details, adding the amount and time for repayment.

If, on the other hand, they do not have a contract, they must look for banks or credit institutions that give the possibility to request a loan without a pay slip or without demonstrable income.

What do you need to get a home help and caregiver?

What do you need to get a home help and caregiver?

To obtain the loan it is necessary to have:

  • A valid identity document;
  • The paycheck;
  • The Cud;
  • Fiscal Code;
  • Income documents.

The bank may also require the presentation of further guarantees, for this reason we recommend asking for an appointment at a branch to find out what all the documents required for the loan request are.

Interest rates and expenses

Interest rates and expenses

If you need to know the installment to be paid monthly and interest rates, it is advisable to quote online.

To obtain a quote, fill in a form with your details, the number and number of installments on the site of the bank or institution chosen to apply for the loan. The quote is free and is not binding on the loan.

The online quote allows you to know the cost of installments and interest rates. We advise paying attention to the duration of the payment and the installments, because a lower installment means proceeding with a longer payment over time and therefore means having higher interests.

Paying attention to rates and installments allows you not to waste too much money on interest charges. Making an appointment at a branch is a way of knowing rates and spending in detail.

How to get the loan

How to get the loan

To get the loan you have to give guarantees like the pay check which is a solid guarantee to get the loan at advantageous rates. The pay slip paves the way for most loans that can be requested from banks or credit institutions.

Another way to get a loan is pawn credit . It allows a valuable mobile asset such as a jewel or a watch to be given as a guarantee of solvency.

The asset is evaluated by an expert and depending on its opinion, the requested amount is paid or not. At the end of the repayment of the installments you can redeem the asset.

Another way to get a loan is to choose the solution with a guarantor who can act as a guarantee. He must be a financially very reliable person and have a permanent employment contract.

Another solution is the loan financing . In general, those who do not have guarantees to offer such as payroll require it. The guarantee is the customer’s signature on bills of exchange. In this way the bank or the credit institution can take advantage of the assets in the event of insolvency.

This type of solution allows you to have the money in 48 hours from the request. It is a fixed-rate loan which is higher than other loans because it is a loan with a high risk of insolvency.

Time to get the loan

Commonly if the financial situation is solid, the loan request is solved in a few days and the amount is paid immediately after. This is in case you decide to apply for a loan at a branch.

A person in charge will explain all the characteristics of the loan and indicate the waiting times. If you have a pay slip and you have solid guarantees, you can get a loan online within 48 hours.

It must always be remembered that waiting times and interests may vary depending on the type of loan, the cases and the amount. Payments and interest may also vary with respect to the estimate. The quote from an indication, but not always corresponds to the specifications of the contract.